Why Davao Medical College is a Favorite Among Indian Students

Why Davao Medical College is a Favorite Among Indian Students


13 May, 2022

The Philippines is one of the most popular destinations for students looking to pursue studies in the field of medicine. Even when it comes to choosing the top medical institute for the same, there are quite a few options out there. But, among everything, there’s a different catering to Davao Medical College, which is one of the best medical colleges in the Philippines


For more than four decades, Davao Medical College Foundation has been consistently delivering highly-trained medical professionals to the industry of medicine. These doctors and physicians fill the void of quality healthcare service providers for ailing individuals. 


The reputation is also based on excellent statistics as far as Davao Medical College Foundation is concerned, where more than 8500 passed-out students have been doing exceptionally well in their respective medical domains. With the high standards the foundation has set for itself,  students can stay assured of getting the best possible start to their career in medicine. 


As we move ahead, we will discuss a few reasons why the Davao Medical College Foundation is the best medical college in the Philippines, more specifically for Indian students.

If you are looking for a professional institution that strikes a perfect balance between quality education, infrastructure, as well as teaching from highly-experienced teachers, then you can’t go wrong with Davao Medical School Foundation at all. 


Reasons Why Davao Medical School Foundation is a Favorite with Indian Students

The number of students graduating with an MBBS degree in Davao Medical School Foundation is more than 6000 in the last count. You will find it interesting to know that this number is more than any other medical college in the Philippines. 


Given below are a few reasons why Davao Medical School Foundation is perfect for Indian students:


  • Economical Fee Structure

Davao Medical School Foundation provides Indian students the chance to study and avail of an MBBS degree at an affordable fee. Other than that, Davao also offers scholarships to needy students looking for an MBBS degree, with a very economical tuition fee. 


  • Davao Foundation is Reputed

Indian MBBS aspirants can apply for a degree in Davao Medical School without any second thoughts as it is the leading medical college in the Philippines. With accreditations from WHO and MCI, there are no second thoughts about how sound the overall infrastructure of Davao is for quality education. 


  • No Donations Criteria

Davao Medical School Foundation does not charge any kind of donations from its Indian students, instilling a lot of faith among parents and students about the transparency in the fee structure, which is as per American fee standards. It’s a not-for-profit institution with a large inclination to academic freedom. 

Why Davao Medical College is a Favorite Among Indian Students
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